Tornado 5108 W


  • Experience powerful and stress-free mowing with the features of the ride-on mower equipped with the STIGA twin-cylinder engine:

    – **STIGA Twin-Cylinder Engine:** Unleash the power of the STIGA twin-cylinder engine for reliable and efficient performance. This powerful engine ensures a smooth and consistent mowing experience.

    – **Foot-Pedal Hydrostatic Drive:** Enjoy stress-less driving with the foot-pedal hydrostatic drive, providing precise control over the mower’s speed and maneuverability. This feature enhances the overall ease of operation during your lawn care routine.

    – **20” Rear Wheels for High-Grip Traction:** Navigate various terrains with confidence, thanks to the 20” rear wheels that provide high-grip traction. This ensures optimal traction and stability, allowing you to mow with precision even in challenging conditions.

    – **Comfortable STIGA Classic Seat:** Experience comfort during your lawn care routine with the STIGA classic seat. This ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and enjoyable mowing experience.

    – **Powerful LED Headlights and Robust Front Bumper:** Extend your mowing sessions into the evening with powerful LED headlights, ensuring visibility in low-light conditions. The robust front bumper adds an extra layer of protection to your mower.

    – **Mulching Kit and Battery Charger Options:** Customize your mower based on your specific needs with optional accessories. The mulching kit and battery charger are available separately, allowing you to tailor your mower to your individual preferences.

    Elevate your lawn care routine with a powerful and feature-rich ride-on mower, designed for efficiency, comfort, and versatility. Enjoy stress-free driving and reliable performance with the STIGA twin-cylinder engine at the heart of your lawn care arsenal.


SOLID Mountfield STIGA

Introducing a lawn tractor that sets a new standard in performance and maneuverability - powered by a robust 586 cc STIGA twin-cylinder engine and featuring hydrostatic transmission. This powerhouse of a tractor is designed to elevate your lawn care experience with a range of capabilities:

- **586 cc STIGA Twin-Cylinder Engine:** Experience superior power and performance with the 586 cc STIGA twin-cylinder engine. This engine is built to deliver reliable and efficient operation, ensuring a smooth mowing experience.

- **Hydrostatic Transmission:** Enjoy effortless control over your mower's speed and maneuverability with hydrostatic transmission. This feature provides seamless and precise adjustments, allowing you to navigate your lawn with ease.

- **Side-Discharging and Mulching Capabilities:** Customize your mowing technique with the ability to side-discharge or mulch. This versatility allows you to adapt your lawn care routine to different conditions and preferences.

- **Expansive 108 cm Cutting Width:** Cover more ground in less time with the expansive 108 cm cutting width. This wide cutting deck enhances efficiency, making it ideal for larger lawn spaces.

This lawn tractor is not just a mower; it's a powerful and versatile solution designed to deliver exceptional performance and maneuverability. With a focus on reliability and efficiency, it ensures that your lawn care routine is both efficient and enjoyable. Upgrade to a new standard of lawn care with this feature-rich lawn tractor.