PARK 500 W


  • – Unleash the power of the ultra-powerful 586cc twin-cylinder STIGA ST 550 Twin engine, ensuring robust performance for your mowing needs.
  • – The front-mounted deck offers cutting widths ranging from 95cm to 110cm, providing versatility to suit different lawn sizes and conditions.
  • – Maneuver with ease using the rear-wheel drive and 50:50 articulation, coupled with power steering for enhanced control during operation.
  • – Navigate operations effortlessly with the compact side dashboard featuring easy-to-use controls, streamlining your mowing experience.
  • – Experience comfort during extended use with a well-designed seat offering ample legroom, ensuring a pleasant and ergonomic mowing session.
  • – Please note that the cutting deck is not included, and the suggested option is the Combi 100 Q Plus, designed to complement the performance of your mower.


SOLID Mountfield STIGA

Additional information

Engine Size

500 CC B&S petrol engine
Articulated power steering (50:50)


Hydrostatic drive

Additional Features

– **Quick Connection:** The RAC system facilitates swift and secure connections for the cutting deck, as well as various parts and accessories, ensuring efficiency and convenience in your lawn care routine.

– **Adjustable Steering Wheel:** Enjoy a customizable driving experience with the height-adjustable steering wheel and a comfortable seat, ensuring optimal ergonomics for extended use.

– **LED Headlights:** Conquer lawn care even in low light conditions, as the integrated LED headlights provide enhanced visibility and extend the usability of the mower.

– **Side Panel:** The controls are strategically placed on a convenient side panel, offering easy access and intuitive operation for a seamless mowing experience.

– **Cutting Deck with QuickFlip:** Optimize maintenance with the Cutting deck featuring QuickFlip technology. This innovative feature allows for easy access, simplifying cleaning and maintenance tasks with a simple motion, ensuring your ride-on mower is always in top condition.

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