Tornado 5108


  • Count on the robust and powerful STIGA ST 500 452cc engine to deliver both power and safety in your lawn care routine. This feature-packed lawn tractor offers a range of capabilities to enhance your mowing experience:

    – **Side-Discharge Function:** The lawn tractor comes equipped with a side-discharge function, efficiently expelling grass clippings for a neat and tidy lawn. Additionally, for those who prefer mulching, a mulching kit option is available separately.

    – **108 cm Cutting Deck with Adjustable Heights:** Enjoy the flexibility to achieve your desired grass length with the 108 cm cutting deck, featuring seven different cutting heights. This customization ensures that your lawn is maintained to your specific preferences.

    – **LED Lights for Enhanced Visibility:** Ensure safe mowing even in poor light conditions with integrated LED lights. This feature not only improves visibility but also adds a layer of safety to your lawn care routine.

    – **Durable Cast-Iron Front Axle:** Designed to withstand frequent use, the lawn tractor features a strong cast-iron front axle. This durability ensures longevity and robust performance in various mowing conditions.

    – **Options for Further Customization:** Tailor your lawn tractor to meet your specific needs with optional accessories. The mulching kit, trailer hitch, and battery charger are available separately, allowing you to enhance the functionality of your mower.

    Experience the combination of power, safety, and versatility with the STIGA ST 500 engine, making your lawn care routine efficient and enjoyable. Upgrade your mowing experience with a lawn tractor that prioritizes performance and user convenience.


SOLID Mountfield STIGA

Conquer rough terrain, expansive lawns, and grass of varying thickness with confidence using the Tornado 5108 ride-on mower. Built for reliability and power in all conditions, this robust tractor is engineered to go the distance. Key features include:

- **Durable Construction:** From its cast-iron front axle to the sturdy 18” wheels at the rear, the Tornado 5108 is crafted with durability in mind. This construction ensures the mower's resilience and ability to handle heavy-duty mowing tasks.

- **Versatile Performance:** Whether tackling rough terrain or maintaining expansive lawns, the Tornado 5108 is designed to deliver versatile and reliable performance. It can effortlessly cover areas of up to 6,000 sqm, making it a powerful companion for extensive lawn care.

- **Powerful Engine:** The ride-on mower is equipped with a potent engine that provides the necessary power to navigate and mow through challenging conditions. This ensures efficiency and effectiveness in accomplishing various lawn care tasks.

- **Designed for Heavy-Duty Mowing:** The Tornado 5108 is specifically designed for heavy-duty mowing tasks, making it ideal for those with demanding lawn care needs. Its robust features and construction contribute to its ability to handle challenging mowing conditions.

Experience the convenience of a ride-on mower that can handle the toughest mowing challenges. The Tornado 5108 is a reliable and powerful solution, offering a smooth and efficient mowing experience across a variety of conditions.