AL-KO Ride-on Mower T15-103 HD-A

Empowered by the AL-KO Pro 450 Engine, boasting 8.5kW and 452cc, the lawn tractor ensures robust performance. With a substantial 103cm cutting width, it efficiently covers large areas. The 250-litre grass collector minimizes the need for frequent emptying.

Operated through a Hydrostatic (T3) Transmission, the lawn tractor features wide wheels for optimal mowing progress and exceptional traction. The comfortable, tool-free adjustable seat and low step-through design, along with ample legroom, enhance user convenience.

Backed by a 2-Year Standard Domestic Warranty, extendable to 5 years subject to servicing, the AL-KO Pro 450 engine incorporates a gear oil pump, ensuring an extended service life. This design emphasis on durability and performance makes the lawn tractor a reliable choice for lawn maintenance.


SOLID Mountfield STIGA

Enhanced with an improved box frame, the T 15-103.3 HD-A lawn tractor brings efficiency to lawn maintenance. The new pivot point in the collection box simplifies emptying, coupled with an increased box volume for extended use. Hooking and unhooking are streamlined for user convenience.

Powered by a robust and low-vibration 7.5 kW AL-KO Pro engine, the lawn tractor allows one-handed adjustment of cutting height in 6 steps from 30 mm to 80 mm. Accessible controls, a stepless foot hydrostat, and a low step-through design with ample legroom contribute to user comfort.

Incorporating MaxAirflow technology, the lawn tractor ensures optimal grass transport to the 250-litre grass catcher box, minimizing empty runs. An acoustic signal indicates when the box is full for timely emptying. The large 18" rear tires provide grip on various terrains. The durable sheet steel mower deck with two blades ensures a clean grass cut and can be easily removed. The lawn tractor is also compatible with various accessories, such as a snow plough, for versatile year-round use.