Tornado 598


  • Experience efficient and stress-free mowing with the following features of this ride-on mower:

    – **98 cm Cutting Deck with Anti-Scalp Wheels:** The ride-on mower is equipped with a 98 cm cutting deck featuring two anti-scalp wheels. This design ensures an even and smooth mowing experience while preventing potential damage to your lawn.

    – **Foot-Pedal Hydrostatic Drive:** Enjoy stress-less driving with the foot-pedal hydrostatic drive, providing precise control over the mower’s speed and maneuverability. This feature ensures ease of operation during your lawn care routine.

    – **Electromagnetic PTO Clutch for Effortless Blade Engagement:** The ride-on mower features an electromagnetic PTO (Power Take-Off) clutch, allowing for effortless engagement and disengagement of the blades. This convenience enhances the overall efficiency of your mowing tasks.

    – **LED Lights for Enhanced Visibility:** Illuminate your working area with LED lights, providing great visibility even in low-light conditions. This feature ensures that you can mow your lawn with precision and safety, regardless of the time of day.

    – **Mulching Kit, Trailer Hitch, and Battery Charger Options:** Customize your mower based on your specific needs with optional accessories. The mulching kit, trailer hitch, and battery charger are available separately, allowing you to tailor your mower to your individual requirements.

    – **Robust Construction with Cast-Iron Front Axle and Bumper:** The ride-on mower is built to be robust and strong, thanks to the inclusion of a cast-iron front axle and bumper. These features enhance the durability of the mower, ensuring longevity and reliability in various working conditions.

    Elevate your lawn care experience with this feature-rich ride-on mower designed for efficiency, precision, and durability.


SOLID Mountfield STIGA

Introducing a high-performance lawn tractor with a single-cylinder, twin-blade design and a mid-sized 98 cm cutter-deck, powered by the robust 452cc ST 500 engine from STIGA. This lawn tractor is designed to handle various cutting options, providing flexibility in lawn care.

Key features include:

- **Versatile Cutting Options:** The lawn tractor offers versatile cutting options, including mulching and side-discharge. This flexibility allows you to choose the most suitable method for your specific lawn care needs.

- **Mulching Capability:** Enhance the health of your lawn by utilizing the mulching option. The mower efficiently cuts and recuts the grass, turning it into fine mulch that returns valuable nutrients to the soil. Please note that the mulching kit is sold separately.

- **High-Performance Engine:** The lawn tractor is equipped with a powerful 452cc ST 500 engine from STIGA, providing reliable and efficient performance for managing lawns up to 5000 m2.

- **Mid-Sized 98 cm Cutter-Deck:** The mid-sized 98 cm cutter-deck ensures a balanced combination of maneuverability and coverage, making it ideal for navigating around obstacles while efficiently mowing larger lawn areas.

- **Perfect for Medium to Large Lawns:** This lawn tractor is perfectly suited for managing grown grass on lawns up to 5000 m2, offering a robust solution for medium to large lawn areas.

Upgrade your lawn care routine with this single-cylinder, twin-blade lawn tractor, designed for performance, versatility, and efficiency in maintaining your lawn.