STIGA Battery Axial Mower – Gyro 700e 2F7063605/STI

The STIGA Gyro stands out as the pioneer in drive-by-wire joystick mowers, leveraging the innovative STIGA Direct Drive technology. It operates on a battery, ensuring energy efficiency and safety in its operation. The drive-by-wire system is remarkably intuitive, providing users with easy and precise control. Designed and built upon the patented STIGA Direct Drive technology, the Gyro features a 108 cm cutting deck, with the option for mulching, and is equipped with a 64Ah battery pack. This advanced mower boasts an impressive runtime of up to 110 minutes, covering an extensive 8000 sqm working area on a single charge.


SOLID Mountfield STIGA

- **STIGA Direct Drive:** Patented technology for improved driveability and machine reliability.
- **Safe Operation:** Ensures maximum control and stability, even at high speeds.
- **STIGA ePower Technology:** Delivers performance beyond industry standards.
- **Coverage for Wide Areas:** Capable of mowing up to 8,000 sqm on a single charge.
- **5-Year Warranty:** Demonstrates durability and commitment to quality (T&C's Apply).