• Introducing the powerhouse of lawn care – the ride-on mower equipped with a potent twin-cylinder 530cc Honda GCV530 engine. This robust machine is designed for versatile and heavy-duty mowing tasks, offering an array of features to enhance your lawn care experience:

    – **Twin-Cylinder Honda Engine:** Experience exceptional power and performance with the twin-cylinder 530cc Honda GCV530 engine. This engine ensures reliable and efficient operation, making it a formidable choice for demanding mowing tasks.

    – **Side Discharge Function and Mulching Kit:** Tailor your mowing technique with the side discharge function for efficient grass dispersal. Additionally, a mulching kit option is available separately, allowing you to recycle clippings and enhance the health of your lawn.

    – **Wide 108cm Cutting Width with Adjustable Heights:** Cover more ground efficiently with the wide 108cm cutting width. Customize the grass length to your preference using the adjustable height feature, offering seven different cutting heights.

    – **LED Lights for Enhanced Visibility:** Ensure safe mowing even in low-light conditions with integrated LED lights. This feature not only improves visibility but also adds an extra layer of safety to your lawn care routine.

    – **Durable Cast-Iron Front Axle:** Built to withstand frequent and heavy-duty use, the ride-on mower features a cast-iron front axle. This durability ensures longevity and reliable performance in challenging mowing conditions.

    – **Options for Further Customization:** Enhance the functionality of your mower with optional accessories. The battery charger and STIGA mulching kit are available separately, allowing you to customize your mower based on your specific needs.

    Elevate your lawn care routine with the powerful and versatile features of this ride-on mower, designed to make heavy-duty mowing tasks a breeze.


SOLID Mountfield STIGA

The Tornado Special ride-on mower is your reliable companion for quality mowing, offering a range of features designed for efficiency and durability:

- **Robust 20" Rear Wheels with High-Grip, Anti-Scalp Traction:** Tackle various terrains with confidence, thanks to the robust 20" rear wheels equipped with high-grip, anti-scalp traction. This ensures optimal traction and prevents scalping for a smooth and even mowing experience.

- **High-Quality Twin-Cylinder Honda GCV530 Engine:** Experience top-notch performance with the high-quality twin-cylinder Honda GCV530 engine. This powerful engine is built for reliability, ensuring efficient and consistent mowing results.

- **Wide 108cm Cutting Width:** Cover large areas efficiently with the wide 108cm cutting width. This feature allows you to make quick work of mowing tasks, making it ideal for areas up to 7000sqm, approximately the size of a soccer pitch.

- **9L Fuel Tank:** Enjoy extended mowing sessions without frequent refueling, thanks to the 9L fuel tank capacity. This ensures that you can tackle sizable areas without interruption, making it suitable for larger lawn spaces.

- **Sturdy Cast-Iron Front Axle:** Designed for frequent and heavy-duty use, the ride-on mower features a sturdy cast-iron front axle. This construction enhances durability, providing a reliable solution for demanding mowing conditions.

Make light work of your lawn care routine with the Tornado Special ride-on mower, a sturdy and powerful machine built for efficiency and longevity. Enjoy the convenience of covering extensive areas with ease, all while maintaining the quality and precision of your mowing results.