ECHO Rear Handle Professional Chain-saw CS-7310SX


SOLID Mountfield STIGA


- **Professional Power:** The CS-7310SX features a robust 73.5cm³ professional-grade engine for efficient performance in heavy-duty applications.
- **Effortless Starting:** ECHO's ES Start technology ensures smooth and easy engine startup, minimizing operator effort.
- **Durable Design:** The addition of a G-Force Engine Air Pre Cleaner enhances durability by effectively protecting the engine from dust and debris.
- **Optimal Weight:** Weighing in at 6.8kg, the chainsaw maintains a remarkable level of power that can tackle anything you throw its was
- **Versatile Performance:** Designed for various applications, the CS-7310SX is a reliable tool suitable for both casual users and professionals handling diverse cutting challenges.

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Key Features

The ECHO CS-7310SX is a powerhouse designed for professionals, combining true power and maneuverability. With a potent 73.5 cm³ 2-stroke engine, this chainsaw generates substantial torque, delivering exceptional cutting performance for heavy-duty felling tasks. Weighing a mere 6.7 kg, its ergonomic and robust construction makes it an ideal choice for tackling the most challenging professional jobs. The inclusion of magnesium plates enhances the body's toughness and resilience, ensuring durability in demanding work environments.