ECHO Rear Handle Home User Chain-saw CS-4920


SOLID Mountfield STIGA


- **Robust Professional-Grade Engine:** The CS-4920 chainsaw is propelled by a formidable 50.1cm³ professional-grade engine, ensuring steadfast and efficient performance. Tailored for heavy-duty tasks, this engine makes the chainsaw well-suited for professional applications.

- **Effortless ES Start Technology:** Integrated with ECHO's ES Start technology, this chainsaw boasts a patented easy start system. This feature streamlines the startup process, ensuring a seamless and trouble-free initiation with minimal effort from the operator.

- **Enhanced Durability with G-Force Engine Air Pre Cleaner:** The addition of a G-Force Engine Air Pre Cleaner reinforces the chainsaw's durability. This professional-grade component acts as a shield against dust and debris, safeguarding the engine and prolonging its lifespan.

- **Optimal Power-to-Weight Ratio:** Weighing in at just 5.0kg, the chainsaw maintains an exceptional power-to-weight ratio. This equilibrium ensures that the tool remains lightweight and maneuverable while delivering the necessary power for demanding cutting tasks.

- **Versatility Across Applications:** The CS-4510ES is a versatile tool well-suited for a diverse range of cutting applications. Its powerful engine, easy start system, and durable design make it a reliable choice for both casual users and professionals tackling various cutting challenges.

In summary, the CS-4510ES chainsaw distinguishes itself as a professional-grade tool with features like ES Start technology, a G-Force Engine Air Pre Cleaner, an optimal power-to-weight ratio, and versatility across applications, making it a dependable choice for users seeking high-performance chainsaws.

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Key Features

– **Enhanced Power and Efficiency:** The CS-4920 is equipped with a powerful 50.1 cm³ professional-grade 2-stroke engine. The stratified scavenging design ensures efficient combustion, delivering more power while minimizing emissions. This results in a chainsaw that excels in both performance and environmental considerations.

– **Heavy-Duty Construction:** Weighing just 5.0 kg, the CS-4920 strikes a balance between power and weight. Its design incorporates heavy-duty features such as dual drop prevention bar nuts, enhancing safety and durability during operation.

– **Professional-Grade Air Filter:** The chainsaw features a heavy-duty air filter with tool-less access. This design facilitates easy maintenance, allowing users to quickly access and clean the air filter without the need for additional tools. This contributes to prolonged engine life and sustained performance.

– **Momentary Switch:** The inclusion of a momentary switch adds to the professional features of the CS-4920. This switch design provides convenient control, allowing users to operate the chainsaw with precision and ease.

– **Versatile Application:** With its combination of power, durability, and user-friendly features, the CS-4920 is suitable for a range of jobs. Whether tackling heavy-duty cutting tasks or professional applications, this chainsaw delivers consistent performance.

In summary, the CS-4920 stands out as a heavier-duty version of the CS-4510, offering enhanced power and efficiency with its 50.1 cm³ engine, heavy-duty construction, professional-grade air filter, momentary switch, and versatile application capabilities.