ECHO Trimmer SRM-222ES/L


SOLID Mountfield STIGA


  • Discover the precision and efficiency of the trimmer designed with meticulous attention to detail:

    - **Engine Displacement of 21.2cm³:** The trimmer boasts a compact engine displacement of 21.2cm³, strategically designed to minimize the size of the trimmer head. This enhances maneuverability, allowing you to navigate with ease and precision around intricate areas of your lawn.

    - **Diaphragm Carburettor:** Featuring a diaphragm carburettor, this trimmer ensures a consistent fuel-air mixture. This technology contributes to a more reliable and stable performance, allowing you to tackle lawn care tasks with confidence.

    - **ES-Starting System with Spring Assistance:** Experience the ease of starting with the ES-starting system, complemented by spring assistance. This innovative feature ensures a smooth and effortless starting process, reducing the effort required to initiate your tool.

    - **Engine Output of 0.7kW:** The trimmer delivers a robust engine output of 0.7kW, establishing a high power-to-weight ratio. This design is optimized for handling slightly tougher jobs with efficiency, providing the power needed for a variety of lawn care applications.

    - **Dry Weight of 4.5kg with 0.4L Fuel Tank Capacity:** Striking a balance between control and accuracy, the trimmer has a lightweight construction with a dry weight of 4.5kg. The 0.4L fuel tank capacity contributes to improved control during delicate work or extended periods of use.

    Embrace the combination of precision engineering and thoughtful design in this trimmer, where every feature is crafted to enhance your lawn care experience. From maneuverability to reliable performance, this tool is engineered to meet the demands of both delicate tasks and more challenging jobs.

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Key Features

Embrace the pinnacle of performance and reliability with the trimmer featuring an ECHO engine, meticulously crafted in Japan to the highest standards. With a compact size measuring only 21.2cm³, this trimmer stands as a testament to precision engineering and top-tier reliability.

– **Japanese-Built Engine:** As with all ECHO engines, the powerhouse within this trimmer is constructed in Japan, reflecting an unwavering commitment to performance and reliability. The precision engineering ensures that every component meets the highest standards, delivering consistent and trustworthy operation.

– **Compact 21.2cm³ Size:** Despite its exceptional power, the engine maintains a compact size of only 21.2cm³. This efficient design allows for a perfect balance between power and maneuverability, making it a versatile tool for various lawn care applications.

– **Loop Handle for Maneuverability:** The loop handle design, coupled with a lightweight construction of just 4.7kg, enhances the trimmer's maneuverability. This thoughtful design ensures greater control, allowing you to navigate through your lawn with ease and precision.

– **ES-Start for Effortless Starting:** Experience high performance with the ES-Start feature, providing effortless and quick starting every time you use the trimmer. This innovative technology streamlines the starting process, saving you time and reducing the effort required to get the job done.

– **Maximum Efficiency Design:** The trimmer is meticulously designed with maximum efficiency in mind. From the lightweight construction to the powerful ECHO engine, every element is optimized to ensure that your lawn care tasks are completed with speed and ease.

This trimmer is not just a tool; it's a testament to excellence in engineering, delivering performance, reliability, and maneuverability. Whether you're tackling precise trimming or broader lawn care tasks, this ECHO trimmer is designed to make your job easier and more efficient.