ECHO Backpack Blower PB-770


SOLID Mountfield STIGA


- **Professional-Grade Performance:** The Echo PB-770 blower boasts a powerful 63.3cm³ professional-grade engine, ensuring robust and efficient performance for a diverse range of blowing tasks.

- **Effortless Startup:** Featuring Echo's advanced starting technology, this blower guarantees a smooth and easy engine startup, minimizing operator effort and maximizing productivity.

- **Enhanced Durability:** Engineered for longevity, the blower is equipped with features such as a robust build and effective air filtration, ensuring durability and protecting the engine from dust and debris.

- **Optimized Weight Distribution:** With an optimal weight, this blower maintains a perfect balance between power and maneuverability, making it suitable for extended use without causing fatigue.

- **Versatile Performance:** Designed for versatility, the Echo PB-770 blower is a reliable tool suitable for various professional applications, providing increased productivity for landscaping professionals.

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Key Features

The PB-770 stands out as a high-powered, professional-grade backpack blower, specifically designed for heavy-duty clearance work. Its impressive 63.3 cm³ engine delivers substantial power, resulting in an exceptional maximum airflow of up to 1290 m³/h, accompanied by impressive speeds of 104.6 m/s. This combination of power and airflow makes the PB-770 a formidable tool for tackling demanding outdoor tasks with efficiency and precision.