ECHO Rear Handle Home User Chain-saw CS-4510ES


SOLID Mountfield STIGA


- **Professional-Grade Engine:** The CS-4510ES chainsaw is powered by a robust 45.0cm³ professional-grade engine, ensuring reliable and efficient performance. This engine is designed to meet the demands of heavy-duty tasks, making the chainsaw suitable for professional applications.

- **ES Start Technology:** ECHO's ES Start technology is integrated into the chainsaw, providing a patented easy start system. This feature enhances the starting process, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free startup with minimal effort from the operator.

- **G-Force Engine Air Pre Cleaner:** The inclusion of a G-Force Engine Air Pre Cleaner reinforces the durability of the chainsaw. This professional-grade component acts as a protective barrier against dust and debris, preserving the engine and contributing to its longevity.

- **Optimal Power-to-Weight Ratio:** Weighing just 5.0kg, the chainsaw maintains an excellent power-to-weight ratio. This balance ensures that the tool remains lightweight and maneuverable while delivering the power needed for demanding cutting tasks.

- **Versatility Across Applications:** The CS-4510ES is versatile and well-suited for a variety of cutting applications. Its powerful engine, easy start system, and durable design make it a reliable choice for both casual users and professionals tackling different cutting challenges.

In summary, the CS-4510ES chainsaw stands out as a professional-grade tool with features like ES Start technology, G-Force Engine Air Pre Cleaner, optimal power-to-weight ratio, and versatility across applications, making it a dependable choice for users seeking high-performance chainsaws.

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Key Features

– **Powerful Engine:** The CS-4510ES is equipped with a powerful 45.0cm³ professional-grade engine, providing ample power to handle heavy-duty tasks. This ensures that the chainsaw is well-suited for demanding cutting applications.

– **ES Start System:** Featuring ECHO's patented ES Start system, the chainsaw guarantees easy and hassle-free engine starts every time. This innovative starting technology enhances user convenience and reduces the effort required to start the engine.

– **Effective Air Filter System:** The chainsaw incorporates a newly designed air filter system that is both easy to access and highly effective at preventing dust and debris from entering the machine. This contributes to the overall durability and longevity of the chainsaw.

– **Optimal Power-to-Weight Ratio:** Weighing just 5.0kg, the chainsaw maintains an excellent power-to-weight ratio. This balance between power and weight makes it an ideal tool for a diverse range of cutting jobs, providing maneuverability without compromising on performance.

– **Versatile Performance:** With its combination of a powerful engine, easy start system, effective air filter, and optimal weight, the CS-4510ES is designed for versatility. It can tackle various cutting tasks, making it a reliable choice for users with a range of cutting needs.

In summary, the CS-4510ES stands out as a versatile and powerful chainsaw, featuring innovative technologies such as ES Start for easy starting, an effective air filter system, and an optimal power-to-weight ratio. These features collectively make it a reliable tool for a variety of heavy-duty cutting applications.