ECHO Rear Handle Professional Chain-saw CS-4310SX


SOLID Mountfield STIGA


- **Professional Power:** The CS-4310SX features a robust 42.9cm³ professional-grade engine for efficient performance in heavy-duty applications.
- **Effortless Starting:** ECHO's ES Start technology ensures smooth and easy engine startup, minimizing operator effort.
- **Durable Design:** The addition of a G-Force Engine Air Pre Cleaner enhances durability by effectively protecting the engine from dust and debris.
- **Optimal Weight:** Weighing only 4.3kg, the chainsaw maintains an excellent power-to-weight ratio for lightweight maneuverability and power.
- **Versatile Performance:** Designed for various applications, the CS-4310SX is a reliable tool suitable for both casual users and professionals handling diverse cutting challenges.

Additional information

Key Features

The ECHO CS-4310SX is a versatile mid-sized chainsaw designed for professional applications, particularly felling tasks. Equipped with a powerful 42.9cm³ 2-stroke engine, it excels in providing an optimal power-to-weight ratio, ensuring both maneuverability and comfort without compromising on performance. The chainsaw features an exceptionally lightweight yet durable frame, making it a reliable tool for various cutting scenarios. Notably, it incorporates an advanced centrifugal separation dust-free system, reminiscent of the CS-7310SX's filtration system. This technology employs centrifugal forces and an automotive-style filter to keep the engine and internal components free from dust and debris, significantly reducing the need for frequent maintenance. In essence, the ECHO CS-4310SX delivers professional-grade performance with enhanced durability and a low-maintenance design.