ECHO Pole Hedge Trimmer HCAS-236ES-LW


SOLID Mountfield STIGA


  • - **Engine Displacement:** The hedge trimmer is equipped with a powerful 21.2cm³ engine, strategically designed to keep the trimmer head as compact as possible without compromising on power. This ensures a perfect balance between maneuverability and cutting performance.

    - **Stroke Rate:** With a rapid stroke rate of 3,900 cuts per minute, this hedge trimmer offers a fast and efficient solution for cutting hedges. The high stroke rate contributes to quick and precise trimming, making it an ideal choice for various hedge types.

    - **Cutting Length:** Featuring a substantial cutting length of 51.9cm, this trimmer is well-suited for managing larger, rougher hedges. The extended cutting length provides enhanced coverage, allowing users to tackle more extensive areas with ease.

    - **Overall Length:** With an overall length of 1.75m, this hedge trimmer facilitates increased access to high and hard-to-reach areas. This extended reach ensures that users can efficiently trim hedges at various heights without the need for additional tools or equipment.

    - **Engine Output:** Boasting an engine output of 0.7kw, the hedge trimmer maintains a high power-to-weight ratio. This feature is particularly beneficial when dealing with slightly tougher jobs, providing the necessary strength to handle challenging hedge trimming tasks.

    - **Dry Weight:** Weighing only 5.9kg, this hedge trimmer is designed to be lightweight, ensuring ease of maneuverability during operation. The carefully balanced weight allows users to handle the trimmer comfortably, reducing fatigue and enhancing overall user experience.

    - **Fuel Tank Capacity:** The hedge trimmer comes with a 0.44L fuel tank capacity, contributing to optimal performance while remaining lightweight. This ensures a good fuel supply for extended operation without compromising the trimmer's maneuverability.

    In summary, this hedge trimmer is a well-rounded tool, offering a powerful engine, efficient cutting capabilities, extended reach, and user-friendly features. It is suitable for a variety of hedge trimming applications, providing a balance between power and maneuverability.

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Key Features

– **Lightweight Gearcase:** The hedge trimmer is equipped with a lightweight gearcase, reducing overall tool weight without compromising durability. This feature enhances user comfort during operation, especially during extended use, and contributes to the tool's overall maneuverability.

– **Durable Cutter Blade Assembly:** The cutter blade assembly is designed to be both light and durable. This combination ensures that the tool remains efficient and effective while being robust enough to withstand the rigors of hedge trimming tasks. The durable blade assembly contributes to the tool's longevity and reliability.

– **One-Handed Blade Angle Adjustment:** A convenient one-handed blade angle adjustment feature adds to the tool's user-friendly design. This adjustment mechanism simplifies the process of changing the blade angle, providing users with greater control and ease of use. The one-handed operation enhances efficiency and convenience during trimming tasks.

– **Efficient and User-Friendly:** The hedge trimmer is engineered to be efficient and user-friendly. The lightweight gearcase and durable blade assembly make it easy to handle, while the one-handed blade angle adjustment streamlines the operation. These features collectively contribute to a tool that is both effective and easy for users to operate.

– **Combining Ease of Use with Durability:** By incorporating a lightweight gearcase, a durable cutter blade assembly, and a convenient one-handed blade angle adjustment, this hedge trimmer strikes a balance between ease of use and durability. This makes it a practical and reliable choice for individuals seeking a hedge trimming tool that prioritizes user comfort and long-lasting performance.