ECHO Multi-tool Brush Attachment MTA-PS


SOLID Mountfield STIGA


- **Versatile Hedge Maintenance:** The Echo MTA-PS, designed for use with the PAS-2620ES Multi-tool system, excels as a commercial-grade brush attachment without the need for a dedicated engine. This attachment seamlessly transforms the power head into an efficient tool for various outdoor tasks, offering reliable performance for effective cleanup.

In summary, the Echo MTA-PS enhances the capabilities of the PAS-2620ES Multi-tool system, providing professionals with a versatile and efficient brush attachment for effective outdoor cleanup.

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Key Features

– **Versatile Sweeping Capability:** The Echo MTA-SB Multi-tool attachment allows you to convert your PAS-2620 or DPAS-2600 multi-tool into a professional-grade sweeper. This versatile attachment enhances the functionality of your multi-tool system, making it suitable for efficient sweeping tasks.

In summary, the Echo MTA-SB attachment provides professionals with a convenient and effective solution for maintaining clean and debris-free outdoor spaces when connected to the PAS-2620 or DPAS-2600 multi-tool.

– **Articulating Design:** The trimmer's articulating capability allows for a range of cutting angles, from 0 to 90°, in 15° increments, providing versatility for various hedge shapes and sizes.

In summary, the Echo MTA-HA attachment effortlessly enhances the PAS-2620ES Multi-tool system, offering a top-quality short-reach articulating hedge trimmer with expert craftsmanship and versatile cutting angles.