ECHO Pole Hedge Trimmer HCA-236ES-HD


SOLID Mountfield STIGA


  • Engine displacement of 21.2cm³ to make the head of the trimmer as small as possible without sacrificing the power.
  • Stroke rate of 3,900cuts/min making it a fast and efficient way of cutting your hedges
  • cutting length of 53.6cm to better manage those bigger rougher hedges.
  • Overall length of 2.446m for increased access to those high up and hard to reach areas.
  • Engine output of 0.89kw which creates a high power to weight ratio for tackling those slightly tougher jobs.
  • Dry weight of 6.7kg with a 0.5L fuel tank capacity to create the best possible performance while remaining lightweight and easily maneuverable.

Additional information

Key Features

The HCA-265ES-HD stands out as a long-reach articulating hedge cutter, boasting an impressive overall length of 2446mm. This design makes it an ideal tool for trimming tall and wide hedges, reducing the need for ladders and platforms during the trimming process.