ECHO Battery Top Handle Chain-saw 10″ DCS-2500T


SOLID Mountfield STIGA


The 56 eFORCE battery of the DCS-2500T generates power equivalent to the CS-2511TES, ensuring you experience quiet, low-vibration, and emissions-free professional-grade performance. This chainsaw is meticulously designed for professional arborists engaged in demanding commercial work, offering features aimed at simplifying tasks and boosting productivity. One such innovation is the patented Quick Draw harness ring, allowing you to effortlessly hook and unhook your chainsaw with a single, swift movement. For a quick demonstration of this feature, tap on the Quick Draw icon in the Other Features section below.

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Key Features

The ECHO DCS-2500T has been meticulously designed for the professional arborist, offering cutting performance comparable to the CS-2511TES. With extended run times and rapid charge capabilities, this tool ensures you can power through jobs efficiently. The advanced motor control maintains high cutting performance within the actual cutting range. The 0.043 gauge bar and chain provide sharp and smooth cutting, while the brushless motor ensures long-lasting and maintenance-free operation. As a cordless tool, it operates quietly, emits no harmful substances, and minimizes vibrations, making it the ideal choice for work in noise-sensitive areas.