STIGA Robotic Lawn Mower A 1500 2R7102028/STI

STIGA autonomous robot mowers offer a cable-free solution, eliminating the need for laying a boundary wire. The installation process is virtual, and the perimeter can be adjusted at any time. Utilizing patented AGS technology, the robot intelligently plans mowing sessions. You can conveniently monitor and control your robot using the STIGA.GO app, providing a comprehensive overview of its operation.


SOLID Mountfield STIGA

- STIGA Active Guidance System (AGS) predicts GPS signal availability for efficient mowing.
- 4G connection and STIGA Cloud ensure constant communication.
- Cable-free design allows virtual installation via the STIGA.GO App.
- Systematic cutting patterns enhance mowing efficiency.
- Full control is provided through the STIGA.GO App.
- Integration with Alexa enables convenient voice control.
- Free connectivity for the lifetime of the robot, eliminating extra costs.