• – **Powerful Honda Engine:** Equipped with a powerful and reliable 530cc Honda GCV530 twin-cylinder engine, this mower ensures robust performance for efficient lawn care.

    – **All-Wheel-Drive Capability:** Navigate challenging terrains effortlessly with the all-wheel-drive Tuff Torq transaxle transmission, providing enhanced climbing capabilities for a variety of landscapes.

    – **Front-Mounted Floating Deck:** The front-mounted floating deck offers cutting widths ranging from 95cm to 125cm, ensuring precise and adaptable lawn care tailored to different sizes and conditions.

    – **50:50 Articulation with Power Steering:** Enjoy superior maneuverability with 50:50 articulation enhanced by power steering, providing ease of control and responsive handling during operation.

    – **Compact Side Dashboard and Comfortable Driver Area:** Experience user-friendly operation with a compact side dashboard and a comfortable driver area, ensuring an ergonomic and enjoyable mowing experience.

    – **Cutting Deck Compatibility:** Note that the cutting deck is not included, and the suggested option is the Park Combi 100 Q Plus. This cutting deck complements the powerful performance of your mower, offering efficiency and precision in lawn care.


SOLID Mountfield STIGA

Powered by the renowned and reliable Honda GCV530 twin-cylinder engine, the Park Special out-front mower transforms every mowing session into a joyous experience. This engine is celebrated for its reliability and performance, ensuring a consistently efficient operation. The mower boasts an all-wheel-drive Tuff Torq transaxle transmission, providing the capability to effortlessly climb uneven surfaces with ease.

When it comes to maneuvering, the Park Special excels with its 50:50 articulation coupled with power steering. This combination ensures effortless navigation around obstacles and tight corners, offering a level of control that enhances the overall mowing experience. To cover more ground efficiently, the front-mounted deck features extra-wide cutting choices ranging from 95cm to 125cm, providing versatility to cater to different lawn sizes and conditions. With the Park Special, mowing becomes not just a task but a seamless and enjoyable activity.