PARK 300


  • Experience the ease of maneuvering with the STIGA articulated steering, making lawn care a breeze. Powered by a robust 432cc STIGA petrol engine, this mower ensures reliable and efficient performance, tackling your lawn care needs with ease.

    Enjoy a smooth drive with the hydrostatic transmission, allowing for easy speed management and control during operation. The RAC Quick Connect system adds a layer of versatility, enabling a quick and hassle-free switch among accessories, enhancing the functionality of your mower.

    For added convenience, this mower can be paired with a Combi cutting deck featuring QuickFlip technology. This innovative feature allows for swift access, simplifying routine cleaning and maintenance tasks. Please note that the cutting deck is not included, and the suggested option is the Combi 95 Q. This cutting deck complements the performance of your mower, offering efficiency and precision in every mowing session. Upgrade your lawn care routine with a mower that combines maneuverability, power, and versatility for a superior mowing experience.


SOLID Mountfield STIGA

Additional information

Engine Size

500 CC B&S petrol engine
Articulated power steering (50:50)


Hydrostatic drive

Additional Features

– **Quick Connection for Swift Setup:** The RAC system facilitates quick and secure connections for the cutting deck, parts, and accessories. This innovative feature ensures that your ride-on mower is ready for action in no time, optimizing your setup process.

– **Adjustable Steering Wheel for Custom Comfort:** Tailor your driving experience with the height-adjustable steering wheel, paired with a comfortable seat. This combination guarantees a pleasant and ergonomic driving experience, promoting comfort during extended use.

– **Enhanced Visibility with LED Headlights:** Illuminate your mowing sessions even in low-light conditions, thanks to the integrated LED headlights. This feature ensures that your mower is versatile and can be effectively used regardless of the lighting conditions, enhancing visibility and safety.

– **Convenient Side Panel Controls:** Easily access and manage controls with the strategically located side panel. This design choice ensures convenient and intuitive operation, making your mowing experience hassle-free.

– **Cutting Deck with QuickFlip Technology:** Streamline maintenance tasks with the cutting deck featuring QuickFlip technology. This innovative feature allows easy access with a simple motion, facilitating quick cleaning and maintenance to keep your ride-on mower in top-notch condition.

Incorporating these features, this ride-on mower not only ensures efficient mowing but also prioritizes user comfort, visibility, and easy maintenance for a comprehensive and enjoyable lawn care experience.

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