ECHO Trimmer SRM-237TES/U


SOLID Mountfield STIGA


  • Experience precision and efficiency with the ECHO SRM-225TES/U, a trimmer meticulously designed for optimal performance:

    - **Engine Displacement of 21.2cm³:** The trimmer's compact engine displacement of 21.2cm³ is engineered to minimize the trimmer head's size, enhancing maneuverability. This thoughtful design allows you to navigate with ease, ensuring precise trimming in tight spaces.

    - **Diaphragm Carburettor:** Featuring a diaphragm carburettor, the trimmer ensures a consistent fuel-air mixture, contributing to a more reliable and stable performance. This technology ensures that your tool operates seamlessly, delivering consistent results with each use.

    - **ES-Starting System with Spring Assistance:** The ES-starting system, complemented by spring assistance, simplifies the starting process. Enjoy effortless starts, saving you time and energy as you embark on your lawn care tasks.

    - **Engine Output of 0.7kW:** With an engine output of 0.7kW, the trimmer achieves a high power-to-weight ratio. This feature empowers you to tackle slightly tougher jobs with efficiency, making it a versatile tool for a range of trimming applications.

    - **Dry Weight of 5.4kg with 0.44L Fuel Tank Capacity:** Striking a balance between control and accuracy, the trimmer has a dry weight of 5.4kg. The 0.44L fuel tank capacity further enhances your control and accuracy, whether you're engaged in delicate work or extended hours of use.

    Elevate your lawn care experience with the ECHO SRM-225TES/U, where every feature is meticulously crafted to provide you with unparalleled control, efficiency, and reliability. Trim with confidence, knowing that your tool is designed to meet the demands of both intricate and challenging lawn care tasks.

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Key Features

Experience the epitome of performance and reliability with the ECHO SRM-237TES/U, a U-handle brushcutter meticulously crafted in Japan:

– **Japanese Precision Engineering:** True to the ECHO legacy, the engine within this trimmer is meticulously crafted in Japan, adhering to the highest standards of performance and reliability. This dedication to precision engineering ensures consistent, top-tier performance for all your lawn care needs.

– **Compact 21.2cm³ Engine:** Despite its powerhouse capabilities, the engine measures a mere 21.2cm³. This compact size is a testament to efficiency, providing the perfect balance between power and maneuverability for versatile lawn care applications.

– **Dual Handles for Greater Control:** Equipped with dual handles, this brushcutter offers enhanced control, allowing you to navigate with precision. The ergonomic design ensures that you have a firm grip, promoting accuracy and efficiency in every task.

– **Lightweight Construction (5.6kg):** Weighing in at just 5.6kg, the trimmer is exceptionally lightweight. This thoughtful design enhances maneuverability, providing you with the agility needed to achieve greater accuracy in your lawn care tasks.

– **ES Start Technology:** Effortless starting is at your fingertips with ES Start technology. The spring-assisted starting system streamlines the starting process, ensuring a smooth initiation every time you use the trimmer.

– **High-Torque Gear Case and Anti-Vibration System:** Accomplish tasks effortlessly with the high-torque gear case that delivers power where it's needed. The commercial-grade felt air filtration and anti-vibration system contribute to a smooth and comfortable operation, making it an ideal companion for small to medium-sized professional jobs.

Elevate your lawn care experience with the ECHO SRM-237TES/U, a brushcutter that seamlessly blends power, precision, and reliability. From the dual handles to the innovative ES Start technology, every feature is designed to make your lawn care tasks efficient and enjoyable.