ECHO Rear Handle Home User Chain-saw CS-590


SOLID Mountfield STIGA


- **Highly Efficient Professional-Grade Engine:** Propelled by a potent 59.8cm³ professional-grade engine, the CS-590 chainsaw delivers robust and reliable performance, making it an ideal choice for heavy-duty professional applications.

- **Effortless ES Start Technology:** Featuring ECHO's innovative ES Start technology, this chainsaw incorporates a patented easy start system. This streamlined startup process ensures a smooth and trouble-free initiation, requiring minimal effort from the operator.

- **Durable Design with G-Force Engine Air Pre Cleaner:** The inclusion of a G-Force Engine Air Pre Cleaner enhances the chainsaw's durability. This professional-grade component acts as a protective barrier, shielding the engine from dust and debris and extending its overall lifespan.

- **Optimal Power-to-Weight Ratio:** Weighing a mere 6.0kg, the chainsaw strikes a perfect balance with its exceptional power-to-weight ratio. This equilibrium not only ensures lightweight maneuverability but also delivers the required power for demanding cutting tasks.

- **Versatility Across Various Applications:** The CS-590 is a versatile tool well-suited for a wide range of cutting applications. Its powerful engine, user-friendly ES Start system, and durable design make it a reliable choice for both casual users and professionals handling diverse cutting challenges.

In summary, the CS-590 chainsaw stands out as a professional-grade tool, featuring advanced technologies like ES Start, a durable G-Force Engine Air Pre Cleaner, and a well-balanced power-to-weight ratio. These attributes collectively make it a dependable and high-performance chainsaw for users seeking efficiency across various cutting applications.

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Key Features

Drawing upon decades of cumulative expertise, ECHO chain saws embody dependability, ergonomic design, and robust power. The CS-590, showcasing a potent professional-grade 59.8cm³ engine, impressively balances power with a mere 6.0kg weight. This harmonious fusion of strength and lightweight mobility renders it an exceptionally versatile saw, making it the preferred choice for farmers and various professionals dealing with a spectrum of demanding tasks.