ECHO Battery Trimmer Loop Handle DSRM-310L


SOLID Mountfield STIGA


The DSRM-310L comes equipped with advanced features for optimal trimming performance:

- A geared motor that allows for high torque and low power consumption, ensuring efficient operation.
- A variable speed throttle for precise and optimized work, allowing you to tailor the trimming speed to your specific needs.
- The use of twisted trimmer line, enhancing efficiency and reducing noise levels during operation.
- A single-piece boom design that ensures high rigidity, minimizing vibrations for a more comfortable trimming experience.
- Enjoy peace of mind with a 3-year warranty (subject to conditions).
- Achieve a runtime of up to 28 minutes with the LBP-36-80 battery and up to 51 minutes with the LBP-36-150 battery, providing ample time for various trimming tasks.

The DSRM-310L is crafted to deliver high torque, efficiency, and reduced vibrations, making it a reliable and user-friendly choice for all your grass trimming needs.

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Key Features

Effortlessly tackle challenging trimming tasks in hard-to-reach areas with the DSRM-310—an ultra-lightweight, powerful, and user-friendly tool. As part of the Garden+ series, this trimmer is meticulously designed for both domestic users and farmers. Its features are thoughtfully crafted to simplify the process of starting work, manoeuvring the trimmer, and completing tasks with ease, making it a reliable companion for a variety of landscaping needs.