ECHO Battery Hedge DHC-310


SOLID Mountfield STIGA


The DHC-310 ensures prolonged operation with its optimized power consumption, offering:

- Triple-sharpened cutting teeth for a flawless cut at the first pass, ensuring precision in hedge trimming.

- Enjoy peace of mind with a 3-year warranty (subject to conditions).

- Achieve an extensive runtime of up to 56 minutes with the LBP-36-80 battery and up to 118 minutes with the LBP-36-150 battery, providing ample time for efficient and thorough hedge trimming.

Experience the efficiency and reliability of the DHC-310, designed to deliver a perfect cut with extended running time, making it an ideal tool for your hedge maintenance needs.

Additional information

Key Features

The DHC-310 stands as a member of the Garden+ series, a specialized range of tools tailored for garden enthusiasts and farmers. This versatile tool is meticulously designed with a focus on precision, ease of use, and comfort. With thoughtful features and a purposeful design, the DHC-310 ensures a precise and enjoyable experience, making it an ideal choice for various gardening tasks.