ECHO 4ft Extension PPT-999442-00023


SOLID Mountfield STIGA


**Enhance Precision Pruning with Echo PPT-999442-00023 4ft Extension:**

Take your pruning tasks to a professional level by complementing your Echo PPT-2620HES Long Reach Power Pruner with the PPT-999442-00023 4ft Extension. Designed for use with the chainsaw attachment, this extension amplifies your reach by an additional 4 feet.

In summary, the Echo PPT-999442-00023 4ft Extension is a valuable addition to the PPT-2620HES, offering a reliable and efficient solution for achieving accurate and well-maintained pruning results. This combination provides the tools professionals need for precision without compromise, ensuring your pruning tasks are executed with enhanced mastery.

Additional information

Key Features

This extension pole is designed to be attached to the PPT-2620HES long-reach power pruner and is intended for use exclusively with the chainsaw attachment. The ECHO 4 ft. extension pole enhances the reach of your ECHO telescoping Power Pruner, extending the length by up to 16 ft. 2 in. (on most models). This extension provides versatility, making it ideal for accessing hard-to-reach places.