ECHO 16.0Ah Harness Battery Pack LBP-560-900


SOLID Mountfield STIGA


Achieve extended and efficient work sessions with the ECHO 50V Lithium-ion battery pack:
- DPB-600: up to 72 minutes
- DSRM-300: up to 235 minutes
- DHC-200: up to 747 minutes

Key features include:
- Durable housing for enhanced battery protection
- Ergonomic harness for increased comfort during use
- Backpack equipped with reflective strips for added safety
- 4 LED indicators providing clear battery status updates

Experience the combination of durability, comfort, and convenience for a productive and reliable working experience.

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Key Features

"50V POWER": Experience the strength of a gasoline engine using a single battery across all your machines.

The 50V system incorporates cutting-edge Lithium-ion technology, providing more energy compared to traditional, heavy, and less powerful battery technologies. This advancement ensures enhanced performance and efficiency, empowering your tools with the robust power equivalent to that of a gasoline engine, all conveniently powered by a single battery.