AL-KO Robotic Mower 822W

The AL-KO Robolinho® 800 E is an advanced robotic lawnmower designed to efficiently and quietly maintain areas of up to 800 m². With a noise level as low as 60 dB(A), it operates whisper-quietly, ensuring minimal disruption.

Equipped with safety sensors, the Robolinho® 800 E prioritizes user safety by protecting against potential injuries and theft. Its easy installation and operation make it accessible for users, providing a hassle-free solution for automated lawn maintenance.

Operated through the AL-KO inTouch app via WiFi, the Robolinho® 800 E offers convenient control and monitoring, allowing users to manage mowing schedules and settings with ease. Its high maneuverability and low weight enable it to navigate narrow passages, with a capacity to handle areas as small as 60 cm.

The efficient double blade mower contributes to precise and effective grass cutting, ensuring a well-maintained lawn. Additionally, the robotic lawnmower demonstrates impressive traction with its high-traction tread wheels, allowing it to tackle inclines of up to 45%.

The AL-KO Robolinho® 800 E represents a user-friendly and technologically advanced solution for automated lawn care, combining efficiency, safety, and convenience in a single robotic lawnmower.


SOLID Mountfield STIGA

The Robolinho® 822 W from AL-KO brings intelligent and smart gardening to your fingertips. With pre-installed hardware, connecting the robotic lawnmower to the AL-KO inTOUCH app is effortless, allowing convenient WiFi-based operation. Operating quietly and emitting no emissions, the lawnmower relies on a robust 5 Ah / 25.2 V lithium-ion battery, enabling operation on public holidays or during the night.

Designed for efficiency, the Robolinho® 822 W features a 23 cm cutting width, making it suitable for areas up to 800 m². Its advanced movement technology enables it to navigate obstacles like trees and handle gradients of up to 45%. The double mower with reversible blades ensures a longer service life, offering a precise cut.

The cutting height is adjustable from 25 mm to 55 mm, allowing customization based on personal preferences. The Double-Cut-System (DCS) developed by AL-KO ensures a perfect cut, with grass clippings chopped up and returned to the lawn as natural fertilizer. This eliminates the need to dispose of clippings.

The Robolinho® 822 W incorporates reliable safety technology, prioritizing the safety of people and animals. Please note that ground nails and boundary wire are not included in the scope of delivery when purchasing the solo® by AL-KO robotic lawnmower.