TORO eSuper Recycler eC48A21848

Achieve premium comfort while mowing with the AutoMatic Drive System, RunSmart™ technology, and advanced battery technology. The AutoMatic Drive System ensures effortless operation, adjusting speed to match your pace. RunSmart™ technology optimizes battery performance, maximizing run time and efficiency. Combined with advanced battery technology, this setup delivers a superior mowing experience, allowing you to tackle your lawn with ease and convenience.


SOLID Mountfield STIGA

Perfect for medium-sized lawns up to 500 m², this mower offers exceptional versatility and performance. Compatible with the Flex-Force Power System™, it ensures seamless integration with other tools. Enjoy mowing at your preferred pace with the Automatic Drive System, while the rust-proof Cast Aluminium Deck ensures durability. Effortlessly adjust cutting height with the Single-Point Height of Cut Adjustment feature. Switch between bagging and recycling with the Recycle on Demand lever, adapting to your lawn's needs. Maximize run time and performance with the innovative RunSmart™ technology. For tougher conditions, engage MAX mode using the 2-Speed Switch. Quick storage is made easy with the Quick Storage Handlebar, while the Washout Port facilitates hassle-free cleaning under the deck. Additionally, the Height Adjustable Handlebar allows for personalized comfort during operation.

Additional information

Cutting Width


Engine Size




Number of Cutting Heights

7 (25mm to 80mm)

Discharge Type

Mulch or side

Additional Features

Quick connect washing link
Tow bar included
5 Year warranty* (Terms & conditions apply)

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