Solis 26 HST

Key Features

  • 3 Cylinder Engine – High torque fuel efficient low noise & vibration
  • Ergonomic Design – Comfortable control
  • 4WD Front Axle – For better traction. Suitable for muddy operation better steering angle for sharp turning
  • Power Steering – For easy operation & operator comfort
  • Backlit Instrument Cluster – Easy to see at night
  • Track Width – Suitable for inter cultural crops
  • Multi-speed PTO – Suitable for spraying & Rotavator application



SOLID Mountfield STIGA

Introducing our best-selling Solis 26 HST compact tractor, a powerhouse that delivers superior power and cost savings compared to its counterparts in the same horsepower range. Featuring a robust 3-cylinder Mitsubishi diesel engine, the Solis 26 HST is celebrated for its reliability, fuel efficiency, and versatility. With a sleek appearance and agile performance, this compact tractor seamlessly accommodates a comprehensive range of attachments, including front loaders, rotary tillers, and flail mowers.

Boasting road legality and the option for agricultural, turf, or industrial tires, the Solis 26 HST caters to a diverse range of applications. Whether maintaining small holdings, equine units, engaging in ground care, landscaping, tending to golf courses, or managing small farms, the Solis 26 HST stands out as an ideal and versatile solution for various agricultural and commercial needs in the UK.

Available with Wide Agri, Galaxy Pro, Turf  and Industrial tyres.