Hayter Push Mower Hawk 36 553A

Meet the Hawk 36, our latest addition to the cordless lawnmower family. With a 36cm cutting width, this battery-powered mower is perfect for small gardens (up to 200 square metres). Enjoy the convenience of push-button start and effortlessly maneuver the Hawk 36 for efficient lawn maintenance.

What sets the Hawk 36 apart is its vertical storage capability, allowing you to save up to 70%¹ of the usual space required for lawnmower storage. When paired with a 2.5Ah 60V** battery, this mower excels in delivering a neatly striped finish to your lawn. Experience the ease and effectiveness of the Hawk 36 in keeping your garden pristine.


SOLID Mountfield STIGA

Additional Benefits

  • Experience the ultimate convenience with our cordless lawnmower, compatible with Toro's Flex-Force Power System®. Effortlessly transfer the 60V battery between the lawnmower and other Toro® 60V garden tools for unparalleled ease and flexibility.

    Enjoy hassle-free starts every time with the push of a button, thanks to the reliable Brushless DC motor that ensures high performance without compromise on power. Tailor your mowing experience with the ability to set the power at the highest setting for tackling even the toughest conditions.

    Benefit from a superior cut and collection system utilizing front and side fins to efficiently remove grass clippings once cut. The one-touch height-of-cut button offers seven different height options (19 - 70mm) to achieve your desired grass length.

    Check off convenience with features like an integrated carry handle for easy transportation from storage to the lawn. The grass bag is easy to empty and can be effortlessly removed when the handlebars are folded in the upward position.

    The lawnmower is equipped with a robust, high-impact ABS polymer underdeck, ensuring low weight, improved collection, and reduced noise during operation. Enjoy a comfortable mowing experience with ergonomically designed Operator Presence Control (OPC) levers, especially useful for maneuvering around small formal gardens. Opt for a cordless mowing solution that combines power, efficiency, and user-friendly features for a superior lawn care experience.