ECHO Rear Handle Professional Chain-saw CS-2511WES


SOLID Mountfield STIGA


- **Professional Power:** The CS-2511WES chainsaw features a robust 25.0cm³ professional-grade engine for efficient performance in heavy-duty applications.

- **Effortless Starting:** With ECHO's ES Start technology, the chainsaw ensures smooth and easy engine startup, requiring minimal operator effort.

- **Durable Design:** The addition of a G-Force Engine Air Pre Cleaner enhances durability by protecting the engine from dust and debris.

- **Optimal Weight:** Weighing only 2.6kg, the chainsaw maintains an excellent power-to-weight ratio for lightweight maneuverability and power.

- **Versatile Performance:** Designed for various applications, the CS-2511WES is a reliable tool for both casual users and professionals handling diverse cutting challenges.

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Key Features

– **Revolutionary Rear Handle Design:** Introducing the CS-2511WES, a groundbreaking rear handle chainsaw that redefines industry standards. Weighing a mere 2.6kg and boasting a remarkable power output of 1.11kW, it stands unrivaled in the power-to-weight ratio category.

– **Unmatched Power-to-Weight Ratio:** In terms of power to weight, the CS-2511WES outperforms all others in its class. This chainsaw sets a new benchmark, offering exceptional power in an incredibly lightweight package.

– **Ergonomic Excellence:** Retaining the acclaimed ergonomics and benefits of its top-handle counterpart, the CS-2511TES, this rear-handle evolution ensures optimal user comfort and control during operation.

– **Ultra-Compact Precision:** The CS-2511WES is designed with ultra-compact dimensions and precision, making it the perfect tool for tasks such as trimming, pruning, wood carving, and ground work.

In summary, the CS-2511WES is a game-changer in rear handle chainsaws, combining unmatched power-to-weight ratio, ergonomic excellence, and ultra-compact precision. This evolution is tailored for professionals and enthusiasts seeking superior performance in a lightweight and versatile chainsaw.