ECHO Multi-tool Power Pruner Attachment MTA-PP/E


SOLID Mountfield STIGA


**Precision Pruning Capability:** Integrate the Echo MTA-PP/E attachment with your ECHO PAS-2620ES or DPAS-2600ES Multi-tool systems to elevate your pruning tasks to a professional level. Specifically designed for precision pruning, this attachment enhances the overall functionality of your multi-tool system.

**Sharp Rotating Blades:** The MTA-PP/E Pruner features sharp rotating blades, ensuring effortless and precise pruning while maintaining optimal safety.

In summary, the Echo MTA-PP/E attachment provides professionals with a dependable and efficient solution for achieving accurate and well-maintained pruning results when connected to the PAS-2620ES or DPAS-2600ES Multi-tool systems.

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Key Features

For streamlined tree maintenance and effective branch pruning, consider integrating the optional MTA-PP/E Power Pruner with the ECHO PAS-2620ES Multi-tool unit. This versatile combination empowers users to effortlessly reach and trim high branches, providing a comprehensive solution for tree care. The MTA-PP/E Power Pruner, when attached to the PAS-2620ES, offers a reliable and efficient method for lopping tree limbs. This dynamic duo not only enhances reach but also ensures precision and ease in handling various pruning tasks, making it an invaluable addition to your toolkit for arboreal maintenance.