ECHO Battery Multitool DPAS-2600


SOLID Mountfield STIGA


With a weight of just 2.4kg and impressive run times of up to 163 minutes, the DPAS-2600 offers exceptional versatility. Quickly and effortlessly switch between attachments using the convenient quick-change coupler. The DPAS-2600 supports a range of 7 attachments:

1. MTA-DTB Trimmer and brushcutter
2. MTA-DAH Long-shafted hedge trimmer
3. MTA-DPP Power Pruner
4. MTA-TC Tiller cultivator
5. MTA-LE/E Edger
6. MTA-PS Sweeper
7. MTA-PB Blower

Motor speed can be easily adjusted via the throttle lever, mimicking the experience of a petrol tool. The tool offers three modes that provide an optimal RPM range for different attachments and working conditions, ensuring efficient and tailored performance.

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Key Features

The DPAS-2600 stands as the culmination of cutting-edge battery technology and ECHO's unparalleled engine building passion and expertise. Our commitment is to ensure that our battery products retain the characteristics we cherish in engine tools, such as power, extended run time, and a responsive, accurate throttle.

Every feature of the DPAS-2600 has been meticulously crafted to create a tool that not only performs at the highest level but also provides the familiar feel of a petrol product. This is achieved without compromising on the emissions or noise levels, embodying our dedication to delivering a battery-powered tool that mirrors the power and precision of traditional engine tools.