ECHO Battery Lawnmower 18″ DLM-310/46SP


SOLID Mountfield STIGA


The DLM-310/46SP offers three versatile mowing modes: collection, mulching, and side discharge. Benefit from exceptional collection capacity and a spacious grass bag for efficient lawn maintenance. Enjoy peace of mind with a 3-year warranty (subject to conditions).

Equipped with electronic torque control, this lawnmower optimizes cutting for smooth and consistent mowing across varying grass densities. Tailor your mowing experience with the 2Ah battery (LBP-36-80) for lawns ranging from 150 to 250 m² or the 4Ah battery (LBP-36-150) for expansive lawns spanning 300 to 500 m². The DLM-310/46SP provides an adaptable and reliable solution for your lawn care needs.

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Key Features

Introducing the DLM-310/46SP, the perfect companion for mid to large-sized gardens with its self-propelled drive system. This lawnmower offers a variety of cutting options, allowing you to finely tune the length of your grass with ease and in comfort. Unique features such as electronic torque control and vertical storage enhance the overall user experience. The DLM-310/46SP is designed for durability, boasting large double ball-bearing wheels and a corrosion-resistant steel deck, ensuring exceptional longevity for your lawn care needs.