ECHO Battery Charger LC-3604 40V


SOLID Mountfield STIGA


The charger for the 40V battery comes with convenient features for ease of use:

1. **Automatic charging stop:** Ensures your battery is charged optimally without overcharging, promoting longer battery life.

2. **Lightweight and compact:** Designed for portability and easy storage, making it a practical accessory for your charging needs.

3. **Detachable cord:** Offers flexibility and convenience during use, allowing for easy storage and transport.

4. **2-year warranty:** Provides peace of mind with a warranty period, ensuring the durability and reliability of the charger.

These features make the charger a reliable and user-friendly tool for keeping your 40V battery in top condition.

Additional information

Key Features

The charger for the 40V battery is designed to efficiently recharge your 40V batteries for various ECHO tools. This charger ensures a reliable and quick charging process, allowing you to maintain the power needed for your equipment. It is an essential accessory to keep your 40V battery-powered tools ready for use, providing a convenient and dependable charging solution.