ECHO Battery Blower DPB-2600


SOLID Mountfield STIGA


Introducing our revolutionary dual-intake technology: TWYND. By drawing air from both sides, TWYND enhances power, and its patented symmetrical fan design ensures an exceptionally slimline and compact unit. This innovation eliminates the gyro-effect, addressing the common tendency of traditional blowers to rotate towards the operator's leg. With an impressive 17N of actual blowing force, the DPB-2600 is tailored for heavy-duty commercial jobs.

Equipped with cruise control and boost functions, the DPB-2600 offers stable continuous power or an extreme boost to clear very heavy loads. The Posi-lock and EZ-lock systems facilitate easy detachment and attachment of the pipe. The unequal pitch fan reduces fan noise, contributing to a quieter operation. With advanced motor control technology, the DPB-2600 delivers greater performance while minimizing energy consumption. The integration of TWYND technology makes this blower a true game-changer in the industry.

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Key Features

The ECHO DPB-2600 stands as a groundbreaking innovation, being the world's first dual-intake handheld blower. Its unique design, drawing air equally from both sides, offers two key advantages over single-sided models: a significant increase in power and the elimination of the gyro-effect. Weighing in at just 2.5 kg, it is an impressive 43% lighter than the PB-2620 while delivering around 6% more power. The symmetrical, compact, and balanced design, coupled with its ultra-low weight, ensures a hassle-free experience during long commercial work.

Another noteworthy feature is the redesigned internal fan blades, which drastically reduce fan "whine," resulting in an extremely quiet operation. Representing a pivotal advancement in handheld blowing technology since the creation of the first handheld blower in 1978, the DPB-2600 stands as a true professional cordless blower, outperforming many petrol models.