AL-KO Ride-on Mower T24-125 HD V2

The AL-KO T24-125 HD V2 boasts a robust and powerful B&S Intek 8240 V-Twin Engine, delivering an impressive 14.4 kW (724cc) for efficient mowing. With a substantial 125cm cutting width, this lawn tractor is designed to handle larger areas with ease.

Equipped with a 310 Litre Grass Collector, the lawn tractor provides ample space for collecting grass clippings, reducing the need for frequent emptying. The Hydrostatic (G700) Transmission ensures smooth and variable speed control, enhancing the overall user experience.

Included in the package are valuable additions like a Mulch Kit, Bumper, and Tow Hitch, adding versatility to the T24-125 HD V2. The Smart Cockpit and Cruise Control features contribute to user comfort, ensuring an even and efficient mowing process. AL-KO offers a Domestic Warranty of 2 Years as standard, extendable to 5 Years subject to servicing, underlining their commitment to product durability and customer satisfaction.


SOLID Mountfield STIGA

The solo® by AL-KO T 23-125.2 HD V2 SD lawn tractor is a cutting-edge solution that redefines the lawn mowing experience, integrating smart technology for enhanced efficiency. The smart Cockpit transforms your smartphone into a comprehensive control center, providing real-time data on crucial parameters such as speed, fuel gauge, mowing efficiency, remaining time, total operating hours, battery charge status, and inclination display. This innovation allows users to monitor and optimize their mowing process on areas up to 8,000 m².

Powered by a robust 14.4 kW twin-cylinder Briggs & Stratton engine with 2,900 rpm, the T 23-125.2 HD V2 SD ensures powerful and efficient performance. The 125 cm wide mowing deck offers seven adjustable cutting heights ranging from 30 mm to 90 mm, providing flexibility for various lawn conditions.

Designed for year-round versatility, the mower deck can be easily removed for maintenance or to convert the tractor into a towing vehicle during winter. The C-profile frame, standard bumper, and sturdy cast front wheel axle contribute to the tractor's durability and longevity.

Featuring 23-inch rear wheels and the G700 premium transmission, the lawn tractor achieves speeds of up to 11 km/h, ensuring smooth navigation even over rough terrain. The built-in cruise control enhances driving comfort, while side-by-side forward and reverse pedals offer intuitive control. The electric tip system simplifies grass collector emptying with the press of a button, providing added convenience.

The solo® by AL-KO T 23-125.2 HD V2 SD is designed with user comfort in mind, offering easy access on and off the tractor, ample legroom, and an adjustable comfortable seat. The low step ensures effortless entry and exit, making lawn maintenance a pleasurable task. With an extensive range of accessories, this lawn tractor proves to be a versatile all-rounder capable of tackling various tasks throughout the year.